The 6th REVIVAL OF FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial Fair2017


Exhibition Layout


Field of Exhibit Small-Middle Hydraulic Power, Unused Energy, Biomass

Woody biomass boiler, “CaP Fire TAKUMI,” equips the pre-drying device. Wood chips containing high moisture (WB50%) can be used as fuel. Automatic continuous operation by just pushing the button. In spite of the compact body, the heat output is 60kW (51,600kcal) with more than 80% of heat efficiency. The regular combustion temperature is 900℃. Its low-fuel consumption, high combustion efficiency and low price is suitable for heating in the factory. Moreover, it has various uses such as warming, heating, hot air and hot-water supply system. It is considered well as uses of not only for greenhouse horticulture but also for public facility.