Seminars & Presentations (All Free)



Opening Seminar 10:45-12:00 Convention Hall (1F)

The Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society ~New Energy Society, From Fukushima to the World~

Moderator: Yasuhiro Hattori, President of Fukushima Renewable Energy Research Association


Director of the Business Creation Division, Commerce, Industry and Labor Department, Fukushima Prefectural Government

2.The Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society ~Challenges to Achieve Energy Conversion and Decarbonized Society by 2050~

Masayoshi Yamakage,
Director of Policy Planning Division, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, METI

3.Progress of Wind Farm Project in Abukuma Mountains Area

Toshiyuki Mizui,
CEO of EcoPower Co., Ltd

4.Efforts to Realize Carbon Free Energy

Tetsuya Hirata,
Manager of Technology Research & Promotion G., Technology Planning Dept. Corporate Research & Development, IHI Corporation

5.Namie Town Smart Community Revitalization Project ~Community Planning connected by Electric Vehicle~

Shigeyuki Honma,
Vice Town Mayor of Namie

Seminar for International Economic Exchange Ⅰ (Denmark) 13:00-14:25 Convention Hall (1F) *Simultaneous interpretation

Danish Companies Challenges for aiming 100% Renewable Energy


Commerce, Industry and Labor Department, Fukushima Prefectural Government
Freddy Svane, Ambassador of Royal Danish Embassy

2.Key Note Lecture

Kouhei Fuse,
Vestas Japan Co.,Ltd.

3.Lectures by Danish Companies

Anders N Andersen
EMD International
Lers Bogeskov Hyttel
MOE Denmark
Jens Birch Jensen
Plan Energi

Seminar for International Economic Exchange Ⅱ(German NRW State) 14:30-16:00 Convention Hall (1F) *Simultaneous interpretation

Seminar: Success Stories of the Partnership
between North Rhine-Westphalia and Fukushima

1.Introductions [Renewable Energies in Fukushima Prefecture]

Akiyoshi Hashimoto, Director General, Commerce, Industry and Labor Department, Fukushima Prefectural Government

2.Key Note Lecture / Opening Speech

Michael Gessner
Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalization, Energy, State of North Rhine Westphalia

3.Introduction of NRW State’s Delegation

Frank-Michael Baumann,
Managing Director, EnergieAgentur.NRW

4.Panel Discussion

Moderator: Georg K. Löer CEO, NRW Japan K.K.

Michael Gessner

Ryuta Mizuuchi, Japan Science and Technology Agency,
Michael Gessner of Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalization, Energy, NRW
Frank - Michael Bumann of EnegieAgentur.NRW
Akiyoshi Hashimoto, Fukushima Prefectural Government
Yasuhiro Hattori EnergyAgency. FUKUSHIMA


REIF Key Note Speech 11:00-12:00 Convention Hall (1F)

Innovation for Platinum Society ~Expectation for Renewable Energy~

Mr. Komiyama, former President of the University of Tokyo will deliver enthusiastic speech to expectation for renewable energy will contribute to innovate “Platinum Society”


Komiyama Hiroshi
Chairman of Platinum Society Network
Chairman of Mitsubishi Research Institute
28th President of the University of Tokyo

Komiyama Hiroshi

Fukushima Renewable Energy Seminar 13:10-15:20 Convention Hall (1F)

Part 1: Dispatching Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies from Fukushima and Supporting Companies in Fukushima

1.Summary of FREA’s Research Development

Masaru Nakaiwa
Director-General of the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA)

2.Renewable Hydrogen Energy Technology which FREA Drive

Hirohide Furutani
Director of the Renewable Energy Research Center, Deputy of the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA)

3.Proper use of Geothermal Energy

Hiroshi Asanuma
Leader of Geothermal Energy Team, Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA)

Part 2: Advanced Effort and Progress Reports from Companies in Fukushima to Realize ~The Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society~


Yasuhiro Hattori,
President of Fukushima Renewable Energy Research Association

2.Outcome of Next Generation Cogeneration System Project for Demonstration

Ryusuke Gotoda,
Hitachi, Ltd.

3.Outcome of O&M for PV generation using Drones Project for Demonstration

Yoshihiro Kikuchi,
ACDC Co., Ltd.
Hiroki Kouno,
CSD Co., Ltd.

4.Cooperation with Oversea on Scroll Engines Compatible to Micro CHP

Tamotsu Fujioka ANEST IWATA Corporation



Test-Riding “SORA” Toyota FC bus

*Scheduled reception on the day

Fuel cell bus (Toyota FC bus) test ride

Fuel cell bus (Toyota FC bus) planned to be used at the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2020 will come to Koriyama. We are planning a test ride (about 15 minutes) five times a day (two days). We will accept reception on the day.

*Quoted from Toyota HP

Exhibitor’s Presentation

Time 11/7(Wed.)
10:30 Gokan Hydro power generation Co., Ltd. Introduction to linear current power generator.
11:00 Tohoku ZEB Reenergy Thermal promotion council Trends of ZEB and subsidies application.
11:30 Kyoei Co, Ltd. Prospect of small biomass power generation business, from collecting food residues to using organic waste fluid.
12:00 GENERAL ELECTRIC Expansion of possible construction sites and improvement of feasibility by using wind turbine for low wind speed.
12:30 Toei Chemical Co., Ltd. Leave O&M for PV and weather measuring for wind power generation to us!
13:00 Institute Naughty Energy What is “Solar sharing?” –Introduction to coexist both agriculture and energy production.
13:30 KYOWA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS CO.,Ltd. Future micro-hydropower generation using local water resources for the region.
14:00 Japan Photovoltaic Inspection Technical Assn. Maintenance of PV power plant and its valuation rating.
14:30 MORI ELECTRIC CO.LTD 1. Introduction to world highest level output PV module and two sides PV module.
2. Introduction to storage and new battery system.
15:00 JMA Consultants Inc. Activation of agricultural, mountain and fishing villages; rural districts by using renewable energy.
15:30 Nippon Kernel System CO., LTD.
O&M of PV system ~introduction to methods and cases~
16:00 Spanner KK Spanner's compact heat & power supply plant using wood biomass

Time 11/8(Thu.)
10:30 WINDWISE GmbH Technical expertise for the wind industry - Baseload Optimized Wind Turbine Generator
10:50 gmbh Solar potential analysis of rooftops. Online services driven by data to gain attention and to improve sales activities.
11:10 A.H.T. SyngasTechnology N.V. Gas, Heat and Power Generation from Biomass - Case Report Kesennuma/Japan
11:30 Wystrach GmbH Storage and distribution of hydrogen: solutions made in Germany
11:50 revis bioenergy GmbH poultry profit® - biomass upgrading
12:30 Flanders Investment & Trade Newest trends of renewable energies in Belgium.
13:00 enagia Inc. Business development, challenges and response for introducing ZEB.
13:30 Sanyo Trading CO., Ltd. 49 kW to 2 MW power generation and hot water uses, using wood pellets
14:00 mobilesolution Co,.LTD. Safety and domestic trends of micro inverter.
14:30 FUJITA Construction Industrial Co.,Ltd Construction of regional recycling society and creation of sustainable future to next generation by using small woody gasification CHP plant.
15:00 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. New methods to discover deflect on early stage in order to maximize sell amount of PV electricity.
~encouragement for “new” power plant examination~
15:30 ANEST IWATA Corporation Suggestion of scroll steam power generation for effective utilization of boiler steam.
16:00 Yagai Workshop Limited Partnership Pest control, food storage, and growth promotion effect of using colored light from phosphorescent material.

“REIF Fukushima” is a nickname of this fair and an acronym standing for the Renewable Energy Industrial Fair.