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Opening seminar 10:45-12:00 Convention Hall (1F)

Fukushima New Energy Society Initiative—Fukushima promotes a society supported by new energy to the world

1.Future direction of policies involving renewable energy and hydrogen economy

Director, Policy Planning Division Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Section manager Takuya YAMAZAKI

2.Achievement of wind power generation in the coastal region of Fukushima Prefecture and its expected developments in the renewable energy industry

Minamisouma Sustainable Energy Ltd. Managing director Kouiti SASAKI

3.Manuracturing to contribute to the realization of a hydrogen society in Fukushima

KITASHIBA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Managing director Hiroshi SEINO

4.Framework for the development of locally circulating and symbiotic smart industry for the reconstruction and future prosperity of Fukushima

National Institute for Environmental Studies Director, Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research Tokyo Institute of Technology Specially Appointed Professor, Advanced Energy Systems for Sustainability (AES), Institute of Innovative Research Tyuyoshi FUJITA

Keynote speech 13:00-14:00 Convention Hall (1F)

SDGs & Paris Agreement as a game changer in the renewable energy market

The speech focuses on the current state and prospects of renewable energy businesses throughout the world including Japan, as well as the use of renewable energy to enhance the competitive edge of a company.

Mr. Takejiro Sueyoshi, Special Advisor to UNEP FI in the Asia Pacific region

Seminar by the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, National Institute
14:15-16:00 Convention Hall (1F)

Efforts for the promotion of renewable energy businesses toward the realization of the Fukushima New Energy Society Initiative

1.Tasks to bring about a smart community suited to the local circumstances

NIPPON KOEI CO.,LTD. Manager Power&Digital Business Unit Energy Management System Office Tatsuaki Shimizu

2.Assessment of block-chain technology used in the trading of renewable energy

Aizu Laboratory, Inc. Director Jinichi Tokoyo

3.Biomass power generation by methane from fermented food residue in line with the policies to utilize all resources of Fukushima

Kyoei Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Officer Hisanobu Suzuki

4.CO2-free hydrogen energy management system functional in the local production and consumption cycle

IHI Corporation Solution Engineering Department Solution Headquarters Norihiro Takai

5.Realization of windmills exploiting low-speed winds in Fukushima

GE Renewable Energy Regional General Manager Renewables, North Asia Hideyuki Ohnishi

6.Development of tower connections and anchor bolts for practical application to large-scale power generation projects

Tohoku bolt MFG Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Department director Takanori Ebata


Seminar by the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
11:00-12:00 Convention Hall (1F)

Report on innovative renewable energy technologies developed in Fukushima

1.Outline of the Renewable Energy Research Center and its efforts under way

Renewable Energy Research Center Director Dr. Hirohide FURUTANI

2.Study results by the Zero-emission Hydrogen Town Cooperative Research Laboratory jointly established by Shimizu Corp. and AIST

Renewable Energy Research Center, Hydrogen and Heat Utilization System Team, Team Leader Tetsuhiko MAEDA, Ph.D

3.Discussion on the development of edge devices (smart inverters, etc.) for the procurement of renewable energy in large quantity

Renewable Energy Research Center, Energy Network Team, Team Leader Kenji OTANI

Seminar for International Economic Exchange
13:00-15:35 Convention Hall (1F) *Simultaneous interpretation

Introduction of renewable energy in Fukushima Prefecture

Kenichi Yamadera, FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURAL GOVERNMENT Senior Policy Administrator of Renewable Energy Promotion Sector & Policy Administrator of Business Promotion Section Commerce Industry & Labour Department

Denmark: ”Role of District Energy in Decentralization of Energy Supply in Denmark”


-Ms. Izumi Tanaka, Senior Commercial Officer, Energy and Environment Direct, Royal Danish Embassy
-Mr. Jens Birch Jensen, Project Manager, PlanEnergi
-Mr. Thomas Gaardbo, CEO, Linka Energy A/S
-Mr. Morten Engelsen, Key Account Manager, Kamstrup A/S

Germany Hamburg state: “Hamburg – Global Centre of Wind Energy and Energy System Integration”


-Mr. Jan Rispens, Managing Director, Renewable Energy Hamburg
*Other speaker(s) will be announced later.

Germany NRW state: “The new role of hydrogen in a future energy supply system”


-Dr. Thomas Kattenstein, Head of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, E-Mobility Network , EnergyAgency.NRW
-Dr. Christoph Noeres, CEO, thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Japan) Ltd.(tkUCE)
-Dr. Lucas Busemeyer, Project Manager, AREVA H2Gen GmbH



Special Exhibition & Demonstration 10:00-17:00

Solar power O&M using Drones, from Fukushima!

Following our findings from technical experiment and research, at the exhibition, we will perform fault diagnosis of sunlight panel using an infrared camera installed on the drone.

Study tour 13:30-16:20

FREA Study tour


We will stop accepting applications, as soon as all the places are taken (up to 30 persons for each exhibition day).

Sorry, we have stopped accepting applications because all the places are already taken.



Matchmaking session for renewable energy businesses 13:00-16:15

Matchmaking session for smart community development businesses


We will stop accepting applications, as soon as the places are taken by 100 persons.

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Business matching with major wind turbines manufacturers.

We will hold business meetings with manufacturers of wind-powered electrical generators that can offer services such maintenance or providing parts supplies.

We will stop accepting applications, as soon as all the places are taken.

Sorry, we have stopped accepting applications because all the places are already taken.

Exhibitor’s Presentation

Held at a special stage in the exhibition hall

Time 10/30(Wed.)
10:30 Mobilesolution Co,. LTD. Trends in solar power generation and safety measures
11:00 ANFINI Explanations on residential storage batteries for personal consumption
11:30 FUJITA Construction Industrial Co.,Ltd Case examples of companies which have introduced biomass
12:00 Kyoei Corporation Guidance on compact biogas power generation systems
12:30 Ministry of the Environment Outline of the future-oriented Fukushima Reconstruction Project
13:00 Vestas German and Danish companies' activities involved in renewable energy
13:13 EWG Essener Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH
13:26 Bode - Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz m.b.H.
13:39 A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V.
13:52 EnviTec Biogas AG
14:05 Goffin Energy GmbH
14:18 PlanET Biogas Global GmbH
14:31 RWE Renewables
14:44 wpd Japan K.K.
14:57 Skowronnek+Bechnak
15:10 Hamburg Messe
15:30 GENERAL ELECTRIC RENEWABLE ENERGY/SUSKENERGY Wind power generation business as a key to the post-quake recovery
Time 10/31(Thur.)
10:30 ToeiScientificIndustrial Co.,Ltd. Wind condition survey results by LIDAR
11:00 SHODEN Lightning damage to wind power generation facilities and preventive measures
11:30 Spanner KK Utilizing forest rather than relying on oil—reconstruction of the Japanese Archipelago through the energy revolution utilizing the resources of local mountains
12:00 eightac A comparison between heat insulators and heat shields, the former of which are a heat storage material
12:30 Flanders Investment & Trade The latest trends involving renewable energy in Flanders, Belgium
13:00 Laplace Systems Co., Ltd. Power control and personal consumption provided by Laplace System
13:30 Japan Solar Co., Ltd. The challenges taken up by a community-based company centering on solar power generation business
14:00 SHIRASAKI CORPORATION The importance of control of weeds and practical measures in the operation and maintenance service for solar power plants
14:30 enagia Inc Regional disaster-prevention/ disaster-mitigation measures supported by renewable energy
15:00 Yagai Workshop Limited Partnership Insect repellents using phosphorescent blue light emission
15:30 HOKURYO DENKOU Co.,Ltd. Micro-hydroelectric power generation which can be utilized even in the aftermath of a disaster

“REIF Fukushima” is a nickname of this fair and an acronym standing
for the Renewable Energy Industrial Fair.

Fukushima Center for Industrial Promotion, Energy Agency Fukushima

Fukushima High-tech Plaza 1-12 Machiikedai, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0215

Fukushima Center for Industrial Promotion,
Energy Agency Fukushima

Fukushima High-tech Plaza 1-12 Machiikedai, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0215