Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Recruitment

Exhibitor Eligibility

- Companies and groups involved in the renewable energy or energy conservation industry
- Companies planning to enter or expand within related industries
- Universities, research facilities, and supporting organizations carrying out related research and development
- Companies manufacturing related products

Planned Number of Booths 300
Exhibitor Fees

Company or Group in Fukushima Prefecture 80,000 yen / booth(tax included)

Company or Group outside Fukushima Prefecture 100,000 yen / booth(tax included)

Outdoor Exhibits Enquiries regarding outdoor exhibits will be handled separately.
Exhibitor Presentations

An area for presenting products and technology will be provided within the venue


Date and Time:

October 28 (Wed) and 29 (Thu)

Between 10:30 and 16:00 on both days

20 minutes per session

Place: Presentation area within REIF venue

Fee: 20,000 yen per session

Booth Specifications

Entrance 3m x depth 2.7m = 8.1㎡

※A partitioning panel (height 2.7ml will be installed if there is a neighboring booth

Basic Booth Equipment
- Long table (W180cm×D60cm×H70cm)
- 2 stackable chairs
- 2 power outlets 100V/10A
- Company nameplate
- 1 fluorescent light
- White cloth


The costs for any article other than the basic equipment (booth decorations, lnternet facilities, etc.) are to be covered by the exhibitor.

※Exhibitors are requested to contact us regarding any extra Work that is needed. Details will be explained at the orientation

※There may be changes to the booth specifications

※If an application is made for two booths, the entrance and depth specifications may change

Infection Prevention Measures

We will be taking every measure to prevent novel coronavirus infection at the exhibition, for which we ask your understanding and cooperation.
In the event that a state of emergency is announced in relation to the novel coronavirus,whether or not the exhibition is to go ahead will be decided by August 31st (Mon.), and information will be posted on the REIF Fukushima website

Appl ication Procedure

Exhibitor Application Starting Date May 1, 2020 (Fri)
Application Deadline

July 22, 2020 (Wed)

Acceptance of applications will be stopped before the deadline if all available places are filled.
The deadline may be extended if places are still available.

Application Method

Applications should be made via the REIF Fukushima official website.


Access the Exhibitor Application Form on the REIF website, and after agreeing to the "Exhibitor Terms and Conditions". fill in the exhibit details in accordance with the guidelines.

Exhibitor or Group Names
(in the case of a joint exhibit)

If two or more g「oups are collaborating on an exhibit. one group should apply as a representative. and indicate the names of the other exhibiting groups.

Exhibitor Fee Payment Method

An invoice will be sent in late July, and payment should be made by bank transfer by September 8 (Tue). Bank commissions are to be paid by the exhibitor. The contract with the exhibitor will be deemed to be finalized.

Booth Allocation

The organizers office will decide on the booth allocation in accordance with exhibit details and business field.


In principle, no cancellation can be made after applying to exhibit. If any cancellation is made after eptember 8 (Tue). the full exhibitor fee will be taken as a cancellation fee.

Exhibition Cancellation or Postponement

The exhibition may be cancelled or postponed due to natural disaster or force majeure (including measures to Prevent the spread of infection). The organizers will not be responsible for any damages incurred in this case. In the event that the exhibition is cancelled before starting, a part or the whole of the exhibitor fee will be returned.

Rules for Exhibitors

・The rent, sale, transfer, or exchange of a part or the whole of the exhibition area is prohibited.

・The sale of goods or provision of services involving payment (on the spot sales) is prohibited .

・The use of naked flame to display or demonstrate exhibits, and the conveying of dangerous substances such as oil into the venue, are limited by the Fire Service Act.

・If the applicant is found to be a gang, a group connected to a gang or an individual connected to such a group, or any other kind of anti-social force. or is found to be utilizing any anti-social force, the exhibitor's contract can be terminated with no prior warning.

・The right to film, record, and utilize photographs, videos, and audios of the exhibition belongs to the organizers. It is understood that the exhibitor agrees that the organizers may provide personal information relating to the exhibitor if deemed necessary for publicizing the exhibition.

Program for lncreasing Exhibiting Advantages

Invitation and Poster Distribution(FREE)

Invitations and posters will be sent or handed to clients as an effective promotion aimed at encouraging visits to the venue.

Exhibitor Presentations(CHARGED)

A presentation area will be provided at the exhibition venue as a method of maximiz-ing the advantages of exhibiting. Visitors can be informed of the latest goods. technology, and service examples.

Disclosure of Exhibitor Information(FREE)

After applying, exhibitors can present their business logo and product information on the website by registering their corporate information. Exhibitorsare encouraged to use the website as a setting for communication and discussion with visitors before the exhibition starts.

Exhibitors Reception (provisional)(FREE)

An exhibitors reception will be held after the first day of the exhibition. Exhibitors are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to meet each other and develop new business partners.

Date and Time: October 28th (Wed.) from 17.30 in the Big Palette.

Exhibiting schedule

July 22 (Wed) exhibitor application deadline
August 7 (Fri) exhibitor information input deadline
August 31 (Mon) deadline for returning exhibitor orientation invitation
September 8 (Tue) exhibitor fee payment deadline
September 9 (Wed) exhibitor orientation, invitation and poster distribution
September 30 (Wed) deadline for submitting booth set-up related documents
October 27 (Tue) setting up
October 28 (Ted) to 29(Thu) REIF Fukushima 2020
October 29 (Thu) clearing away

Exhibitor Orientation

Date and Time: September 9, 2020 from 13:00

Venue: Big Palette Fukushima

(Minami 2-52, Koriyama-City. Fukushima-Prefecture)
Details: explanation of schedule until exhibition, matters regarding exhibit presentation. exhibiting regulations. and documents to be submitted

※Orientation details will be posted to the person in charge in late July.