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Past Pattern

  • ceremonyceremony
  • Reception desk / general information centerReception desk / general information center
  • Inside the venueInside the venue
  • Inside the venueInside the venue
  • Booth descriptionBooth description
  • busbus
  • Outside the venueOutside the venue
  • FC bus test drive eventFC bus test drive event
  • Overseas matchingOverseas matching
  • Exchange meetingExchange meeting
  • Exchange meetingExchange meeting
  • High school student presentationHigh school student presentation
  • Inspection tourInspection tour
  • Opening seminarOpening seminar
  • Keynote speechKeynote speech
  • International Economic SeminarInternational Economic Seminar
  • International Economic Exchange SeminarInternational Economic Exchange Seminar
  • Awards ceremonyAwards ceremony
  • ceremony
  • Reception desk / general information center
  • Inside the venue
  • Inside the venue
  • Booth description
  • bus
  • Outside the venue
  • FC bus test drive event
  • Overseas matching
  • Exchange meeting
  • Exchange meeting
  • High school student presentation
  • Inspection tour
  • Opening seminar
  • Keynote speech
  • International Economic Seminar
  • International Economic Exchange Seminar
  • Awards ceremony

2018 Visitor Survey (partially extracted from a list of visitors)

Visitors Divided by Geographicai Areas


Objectives Achieved?

How Visitors Knew the Exhibition
(multiple answers possible)

Industry Sector / Tyoe of Visitors

Objectives of Visit

Field(s) Visitors Became interested in
(multiple answers possible)

Willingness of Visit Next Year

2018 Visitors' Voice

  • * I think the “Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society” sounds great but it must be very tough to make it real. I believe we must ask intensive help from local resident.
  • * I thought hydrogen storage is very interesting. I hope to obtain further information.
  • * It was a good opportunity for me to collect information on the latest industry trends as well as companies in Fukushima.
  • * Fukushima prefecture places a high priority on renewable energy, making information provided at the fair very productive.
  • * Models and/or panels at booth helped me easily understand exhibits.
  • (* extracted from visitor survey)

2018 Seminar & Event Survey(* Extracted from Seminar & Event Survey)

How Were Seminars & Events?

11/7 (Wed)

  • Opening Seminar
  • * It was a digest content, but I'd like to hear it over and over again.
  • * Since I'd like to see various ideas of municipalities in the future, I think that it is possible that more than one municipality frame may be set.
  • International Economic Exchange Seminar Ⅰ
  • * I thought that Denmark has a hint to efficiently utilize renewable energy. I want you to transmit Denmark information from now on
  • * Energy Pro should lead to simulation of what kind of energy-saving means is good for each region.
  • International Economic Exchange Seminar Ⅱ
  • * How high is the level of a Japanese company? Please tell me whether you are working like a German company in the West, other countries. It is a shame that there is no female presenter.
  • * For the reconstruction of Fukushima Prefecture it is essential to attract big companies that superior students want to make U turns. We also need education to produce excellent students.
  • * Paper is better because you can understand the activities of the prefecture and state by pamphlets. I wanted to hear advanced cases and problems.

11/8 (Thu)

  • Keynote lecture
  • * The present world is convenient, but I noticed that the industry is in saturation due to it. Forestry, agriculture and other primary industries are important.
  • * It was easy to understand. I understood the significance of renewable energy well.
  • * They explained the aiming platinum society in an easy-to-understand manner. It was fresh that wind power was the best at power generation cost. It is energy saving and you do not need resources. It became study.
  • Fukushima Renewable Energy Seminar 1 part, 2 copies
  • * I wanted to hear a little more about "FREA-promoted reenergy hydrogen energy technology" because time has shortened.
  • * On the sustainable development goals that the government should carry out. I would like to receive concrete information on reconstruction Fukushima and reconstruction Olympics.
  • International Economic Exchange Seminar III
  • * Advanced case overseas. I would like to hear more about what I was in trouble and about troubles.
  • * I would appreciate having the Japanese version of the material.

2018 Exhibitor Survey

Exhibitors Divided by Industry Sector

Exhibition Outcome (multiple answers possible)

Business Meeting Outcome

How Do You Think About the Number of Visitors?

Next Exhibition Necessity

Objectives of Exhibition (multiple answers possible)

Objectives Achieved?

How Exhibitors Knew the Exhibition
(multiple answers possible)

Are You Satisfied with Venus
Decoration & Guide Display?

2018 Exhibitors' Voice

  • * We believe REIF is very valuable exhibition, since it is the only exhibition related to renewable energy in Tohoku.
  • * The fair offers us and other SMEs great opportunities to promote own companies as well as understanding activities of large companies.
  • * It is necessary to continuously infiltrate information and knowledge on renewable energy.
  • * We conduct R&Ds in relation with Fukushima prefecture, and we believe REIF is the best opportunity for us to introduce our activities as well as meet new people and exchange information with them.
  • * As a local company, we hope not only to promote our company but to attract students to remain in Fukushima.
  • * I believe it is highly helpful for my business, since we can make local network.
  • (* extracted from exhibitor survey)

“REIF Fukushima” is a nickname of this fair and an acronym standing
for the Renewable Energy Industrial Fair.

Fukushima Center for Industrial Promotion, Energy Agency Fukushima

Fukushima High-tech Plaza 1-12 Machiikedai, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0215

Fukushima Center for Industrial Promotion,
Energy Agency Fukushima

Fukushima High-tech Plaza 1-12 Machiikedai, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0215