The 6th REVIVAL OF FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial Fair2017


REIF Fukushima Award Ceremony – Voice from Award Winners

REIF Fukushima Grand Prize

FEP Inc. / ACDC Inc. / Toshiba IT & Control Systems Corporation /
CSD Co., Ltd.
It is a great honor for us to receive REIF Fukushima Grand Prize, and the prize makes us feel confident that our exhibits were highly praised by people who visited our booth. We had 2 exhibits and both gathered outstanding interests from visitors: "Thermographic Inspection of Photovoltaic Plants with Drones" (official title abbreviated), Subsidized project by Fukushima prefecture, and "CO2-Free Independent Energy Supply System" (official title abbreviated), Subsidized project by National Federation of Small Business Associations. The expo enabled us to widely announce our projects and helped us to move forward towards commercialization. We will strive to develop further awareness and supports from wide range of people.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the organizers for giving us the prize as well as holding REIF Fukushima that gives small companies opportunities to present their own products, projects etc to a wide range of people.

Outstanding Technology & Product Award

Hitachi Group
We are very pleased to receive “Outstanding Technology & Product Award” at REIF Fukushima 2017.
We exhibited panels on characteristics of our wind power generating system, its lineup, and records of its introduction. We also exhibited 5MW wind turbine model(s) while showing a construction video of Fukushima floating offshore wind farm demonstration project (Fukushima FORWARD). These all helped us present our technologies and strengths related to our wind power generating system including wind turbine development, actual installation, and maintenance to guarantee stable operation. We believe the award is a result of our efforts to clearly explain our exhibits to those who visited our booth. It is our great pleasure to receive the award and we appreciate your continued support.

Fascinating Planning Award

Tohoku Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
It is a great pleasure for us to receive Fascinating Planning Award at REIF Fukushima 2017.
Tohoku Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in September 2017 (previous company name: Sony Energy Devices Corporation), and this is our first time as Tohoku Murata to be an exhibitor at the expo. We mainly showed a demo of our Murata Cheerleaders (Fukushima debut) while exhibiting small, lightweight, highly-safe and long-life product “Lithium Ion UPS” etc to appeal new Tohoku Murata. We strive to contribute to renewable energy in the prefecture as a local company who takes a leading role in Murata Group’s battery business. Your continuous support is highly appreciated.

Renewable Energy Pioneer Fukushima Award

Aikawa Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thank you very much for giving us Renewable Energy Pioneer Fukushima Award. After the Tohoku Earthquake, we have focused on manufacturing wind turbine towers to generate wind power, one of the renewable energy sources that Fukushima prefecture is currently promoting. On July 2017, we completed Japan’s first dedicated wind power turbine tower factory in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture. We aim at domestic manufacturing of the towers, including small- and medium- sized ones, for large-scale onshore/offshore wind power plants that are planned to be constructed in Fukushima prefecture and nationwide. We strive to invite companies and/or organizations in the renewable energy industry to form industrial clusters in the prefecture as well as promote the renewable energy itself nationwide. We highly appreciate continuous support from all of you.