Renewable Energy Industrial Fair
(REIF Fukushima 2023)

Exhibitor Information


The 12th FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial Fair (REIF Fukushima 2023) “REIF” is the acronym standing for Renewable Fukushima Industrial Fair


This fair offers firms and/or institutions, who are undertaking businesses in the renewable energy industry and carbon neutrality, to exhibit technology, provide and gather information, hold business meetings and join networking events. This boosts businesses among industry, academia and government as well as raising awareness of citizens of the prefecture whilst expressing Fukushima’s strong will to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and become a renewable energy frontier both locally and globally.

Date & Opening time

12 (Thu) & 13 (Fri) October, 2023


Lecture, seminars and company exhibition

Entrance fee

free (registration admission system)
(registration during the term of Fair is also acceptable.)


Big Palette Fukushima
(2-52 Minami, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, 963-0115 Japan


Fukushima Prefectural Government
Fukushima Center for Industrial Promotion

Schedule for exhibition

  • 14 (Thu) August Application deadline
  • 11 (Wed) October Setting-up
  • 12 (Thu) & 13 (Fri) October Opening time 10:00-17:00
  • 13 (Fri) October Dismantling (After visitors leave)


REIF 2023 Organiser’s office
TEL 81-24-983-3498

(available 10:00-17:00 on Monday to Friday, excluding Japan’s national holidays)

E-mail: contect

Exhibition conditions and technical guidelines

Expected exhibitor

  • Companies with technologies, products and services related to renewable energy and hydrogen-related industries
  • Companies with technologies, products and services related to energy conservation, resource circulation and recycling
  • Universities, colleges of technology and research institutes conducting related research and development
  • Related manufacturing companies
  • Government offices, related organisations/institutes, etc.

Prices for stand rental

Companies/organisations in Fukushima Prefecture ¥80,000

Companies/organisations outside Fukushima Prefecture ¥100,000

*One fee stand

Public organisations (National government, local authorities, supporting organisations related to renewable energy, Academic/Research/Higher Education Institutions, etc.)

Exhibition at open air area

Please contact organiser’s office

Exhibitor Presentation

A presentation area will be provided at the exhibition venue for informing visitors of products, technologies and services.

12 (Thu) & 13 (Fri) October
20 mins per slot
Organiser make slot allocations through coordination.
Exhibition Hall
¥20,000 per slot

*One free slot
Public organisations (National government, local authorities, supporting organisations related to renewable energy, Academic/Research/Higher Education Institutions, etc.)

Planned Number of stands


Stand specification

R3m x 2.7m = 8.1sqm2 
*Partitions (H2.4m) between exhibitors are the responsibility of organiser.

Stand specification

  • R3m x 2.7m = 8.1sqm

*Partitions (H2.4m) between exhibitors are the responsibility of organiser.

  • Including
    • table (W1,800mm x D600mm x H700mm) x 1
    • stacking chair x 2
    • 2 prong socket (100V/10A) x 1
    • Company name board x 1
    • Fluorescent lamp x 1
    • Table cover cloth x 1

*Decorations other than basic equipment (booth decorations, internet environment, other equipment, etc.) are the responsibility of each exhibitor.

*Stand specification might be changed.

Main Application Points

Start of application

24 (Mon) April, 2023

Deadline of application

10 Thu) August, 2023

*If the planned number of stands is reached, we will stop accepting applications before the deadline.
Please note that the deadline may be extended if the planned number of stands is not reached.

How to apply

Access “Application form” at REIF Fukushima 2023 official home page and fill in according to the instructions.

After the organiser confirms the contents of the exhibition, “notice of confirmation” will be sent to applicants.

Deadline of application 10 (Thu) August, 2023

Deadline of entering exhibitors information 18 (Fri) August, 2023

Deadline of exhibition fee payment 31 August, 2023

After filling in the application form you have downloaded, please send it to the e-mail address below.
After we confirm your information, we will send the person in charge at your company or organization a “Determination Notification” by e-mail.
Application deadline: August 10 (Thu)
Exhibitor information input deadline: August 18 (Fri)
Exhibitor fee payment deadline: August 31 (Thu)

Exhibitors names (in the case of joint exhibition)

When two or more companies/organisations exhibit jointly, a coordinating company/organization should apply as a representative and enter the company names, etc. that will jointly exhibit according to the exhibition application form.

Payment of exhibition fee

  • Invoice will be sent in early August.
  • Please make the payment by Thursday, 31 August.
  • The Transfer fee should be borne by exhibitors.

The exhibition contract shall be deemed to have been concluded at the time the invoice is issued.

Allocation of stands

Organiser will make stands allocation according to the content and industry sector of applications.


As a general rule, cancellations cannot be made after the exhibition has been decided (after the invoice has been issued).

In the case of cancellation, the full amount of the exhibition fee should be paid and it will not be refunded.

Cancellation of the fair / change of plans

The fair may be canceled or extended due to natural disaster or other force majeure (including prevention of the spread of infectious diseases).

The organiser will not compensate for any damage caused by this.

However, if cancellation is decided before the event, part or all of the exhibition fee will be refunded.


The rent, sale transfer, or exchange of a part or the whole of the exhibition area is prohibited.

The sale of goods or provision of services involving payment (on the spot sales) is prohibited.

The use of naked flame to display or demonstrate exhibits, and the conveying of dangerous substances such as oil into the venue, are limited by the Fire Service Act.

If the applicant is found to be a gang, a group connected to a gang or an individual connected to such a group, or any other kind of anti-social force, or is found to be utilising any anti-social force, the exhibitor’s contact can be terminated with no prior warning.

The right to film, record, utilise any photographs, videos and audios of the exhibition belongs to the organisers. It is understood that the exhibitor agrees that the organisers may provide personal information relating to the exhibitor if deemed necessary for publicising the exhibition.

Schedule to the Exhibition

4/24 (Mon)

Application starts

8/10 (Thu)

Application deadline

8/18 (Fri)

All online data must be submitted by exhibitors

8/21 (Mon)

exhibitor orientation, invitation and poster distribution

8/31 (Thu)

Stand fee payment deadline

10/11 (Wed)

Stand setting-up

Begininng & Ending times
10/12 (Thu), 13 (Fri)

REIF Fukushima 2023
Open/Closing times 12/13(10:00~17:00)

10/13 (Fri)

Dismantling (After visitors leave)

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